Military Contract Manufacturing

Hopewell Precision Inc. has been providing the Military when custom Rack Mount Enclosures in any height, width & depth. Any qty from 1st piece prototypes to full large qty production runs………….Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hold & Cold Rolled Steel, Sheet, Tubing, Bar & Rounds…………….we provide full service from design to welding to finishing to packaging. Our welders are certified and the company is ISO certified…………certifications on all materials and services available with complete documentation.

Enclosures, Cabinets , Racks , World Trade Center

Hopewell Precision Inc. was contracted by the Durst organization to supply 52RU 98’’ height Equipment Racks for the top floor of the World Trade Center. All of the major networks will be moving their equipment from the Empire State Building to this location. All of the equipment racks are set up with custom Fiber Trays along with Emka Security Locks. These Locks are keyed differently for each network in groups of single racks to 4-piece quads. Doors are fully vented with Hex Mesh , Equipment Rails , Lacing Bars , Copper Bus Bars & Power Strips are all fully adjustable. Brooks Power Strips provide easy read Amp Meters. There is also cable access run ways in all of the Pod Bases along with AC Cutouts & Covers so installers can install their own AC receptacles.

Broadcast Vehicles , Monitor Mounts , Custom Metal Work

Hopewell precision Inc. was once again called upon by CBS NYC to help with its new 2016 Mobile Weather Lab Vehicle. Hopewell designed to fit & fabricated the Roof Rack , Internal Rack Systems , Battery Box , Rear Work Station and various equipment mounts for the top of the Vehicle. The rear work station included a fully adjustable pull out monitor on adjustable swing arm , a pull out writing surface , pull out deep storage drawer , side compartment storage & shelving along with cable & strap tie downs.

Containment....Hot/Cold Aisle

Hopewell Precision Inc. continues to supply the market place with Hot & Cold aisle containment........including Lighting , Air Diffusers , Fire Suppression Access Points...........Cost Effective Hinged Access Doors as well as Self Closing Sliding Doors.....any size , any qty & any is also available for design , delivery & installation..................New Builds as well as Partial & Full Upgrades to Existing Facilities

Consoles , Enclosures , Work Consoles , Racks

If you need to set up any size sit down work console assembly Hopewell Precision Inc. continues to fabricate in both Metal & Wood. The other manufacturers make their consoles out of composite materials which is very costly. By using Hopewell’s method there is no limitations to height , width , depth or length. The Units are gangable and come in any angle set ups you may need. The actual writing surface comes in a variety of material types with no restriction on colors and patterns. All design idea are welcome and we take pride and making your ideas come to life. 

Rush Delivery of Custom Sheet Metal Assy’s

The lead Systems Integrator for the United Nations upgrade has again called upon Hopewell Precision Inc. to manufacture Camera mounting brkts. As always, Hopewell Precision Inc. was able to respond with a 2 week delivery to help keep the SI’s head above water. This included original design , fabrication , Powder Coat finish , full assembly , packaging and delivery………”Impressive Response”, are words constantly used by Customers when talking about Hopewell Precision Inc.

Wall Mount Enclosure

Hopewell Precision has designed and delivered orders to the Financial District in NYC a Wall Mounted Enclosure that holds Lap Top Computers. The unit delivered is 20' wide 19' Rack Mt.14' deep x 18RU 34.5' tall & holds x9 Lap Tops.............As with all of Hopewell's Enclosures we can make any size to fit the customers needs. This unit can be mounted as a Left Hand or Right Hand mount. It has x2 15amp Power Strips internally mounted along with x2 105CFM Muffin Fans for cooling. There are 1RU Vented Shelves that hold each Lap Top. The Door can come with Security Latching or Non-Security latching. All colors are available.......

Wall Mount Enclosure

Hopewell precision has introduced a new style Wall Mount Enclosure to the market. This unit is a much less expensive version of the Broadcast Industries fully welded BSP (Broadcast Service Panel) version. This is a light gage steel , fully spot welded assembly. The front box has 1 pair of fixed tapped rails which form the 19' Rack Mount opening. They can be ordered any RU height , any depth and any width. They have four point wall mounting holes and the rear plate is 1/8' steel for a strong hanging enclosure. The Assembly can be mounted as a left hand or right hand. The attached pics show a adjustable snap latch....the unit can be ordered with higher security latching to meet all customer needs. The front box has a full gasketed seal to ensure that there is no vibration through out the box. The attached picture shows hinging is a piano type hinge....lift off style also available................all color options are for a quote , any qty from 1 to what ever you need.

Work Consoles, Sit Down Consoles, Writing Surfaces

By Request Communications , the leading S.I. in New England , had Hopewell Precision design & fabricate a custom sit down console assy. All Enclosures are set up with 19' Rack Mounting............the assy breaks down easily for shipment and includes the Formica Writing Surface. Hopewell has announced these units are available in any size , color or configuration.....They also work directly with the Customer & S.I. to meet all sightline the customer the max amount of RU spaces based on the distant the Console is from the Monitor Wall........

Hopewell Precision buys ASTRO-100 II NT Series

Hopewell-Precision always strives to stay ahead of the competition by investing in our production capacity and facility. Recently we have procured the Astro-100 II NT series.

The ASTRO-100 II NT is specialised in manufacturing smaller, more complex work pieces, and is therefore the counterpart to the ASTRO-50 Y, which was designed for larger work pieces. Both bending cells are unique in their homogeneity: press brake and handling robot know-how are both unique to AMADA.

Wall Mount Enclosure Security Guards

Hopewell Precision Inc. has answered the call for one of the leading Broadcasters in NYC for help with protecting Wall Mount Enclosures that are in high traffic areas...........Tired of your equipment getting rammed with carts & abused by people who happed to be passing by your equipment..........these 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminum Bars will protect you connection points and the enclosure itself. The material has a brush finish to add to the cosmetics. Different sizes are available and can be made to fit any size enclosure.............custom PSA back Labeling is also available as for a quote.

Low Profile Monitor Mount , Swivel , Custom Mounts

Hopewell Precision Has supplied MLB ( Major League Baseball ) with a custom swivel monitor mount. It is 19' rack mountable and has a near zero horizontal clearance and stands off the rear of the monitor on 2.5'. The entire unit is low profile , holds 2 monitors that swivel independently from each other.....MLB ordered them with a Portrait Swivel.....Landscape is available as well as both together.

Contract Manufacturing , Made in the USA , Enclosures

"Slow Boat to China"..............How many times have you heard that old clique over the years..............Chances are if your not sure how your Contract Manufacturing needs are being addressed with the larger catalog companies , your products are coming from China on a slow boat............Hopewell Precision Inc. believes in keeping America strong..........Made in America , with American Labor , with American slow boats with them. Most of the time you can get custom product in less than 3 weeks......from design to ship.............Don't get your Ass stuck on a slow boat.......

Custom Metal Work , United Nations , Custom Fabrication

Hopewell Precision has supplied Custom Metal Fabrication to the S.I. for the United Nations upgrade. The Metal brkts are for holding cameras & antennas. These Assemblies had to be able to fit in between wooden slats on the walls. The brkts could not be in contact with the surface structures because of the Historic Designations the building has.........The S.I. came to Hopewell Precision with a concept.......Hopewell designed , fabricated & delivered......

Hopewell Precision Inc. ramps up its engineering Horse Power.

Hopewell Precision Inc. welcomes on board a new Engineering Design & Programming Specialist ,…………..Neil Marcellus.

Neil brings with him over 37 years of experience to all areas of Sheet Metal Fabrication. In his short time onboard he has already demonstrated the type of dedication to Quality & Customer Service that has become a Trade Mark for Hopewell. He is a perfect fit for us and we know he will be with us for a long time to come………………Welcome aboard Neil………..