Material Finishes

Painting Finishes

There was a time, as with all Fabricators, all of the Paint applications was done with a wet spray. Polanes, Vinyl’s & Bake Enamels. This process also required Catalysts and Thinners. Before the public concern over the use of such materials became known, Hopewell started the process of turning over all said materials to Water Base paints. These types of finishes required no Catalysts or Thinners. Regular tap water was all that was required and clean up was with soap & water.

When the new finishing process of “Powder Coating” hit the market Hopewell jumped right on board. At present time 95% of all our painting is done with Powder Coating. Because of our Military work we still need to maintain availability to a Wet-Spray process. We have started to see some changes from them in Material used, but we have learned that it takes a lengthy process to get Military Blue Prints changed. As I mentioned in another section of this report, we are ready when they are.

Stocking of all Wet-Spray products are kept to a purchased minimum. All products are purchased through Sherwin-Williams.

Handling, storage, disposal & emergency procedures are all done I.A.W. the OSHA Right-To-Know program. Hopewell keeps on file and readily accessible all MSDS (material safety data sheets) for purchased materials. All employees are annually trained in the OSHA Right-To-Know program.

Chemical Film Conversion

Hopewell Precision, Inc. has a lot of requirements for this process, especially in the Military field. We do not provide any of these services as an in house process. Everything in this field is completed with outside services. All vendors are certified in this area and in most cases need to supply a Certificate of Compliance - always with Military work. Hopewell Precision, Inc. retains all documents on file as well copies being sent to all customers that require such.

The locations of such vendors presently reside in the following states:
NY , NJ , CT , MA & PA

The main Conversions we have supplied but are not limited to:

  • Caustic Etch / Clear & Yellow Irridite
  • Caustic Etch / Clear & Yellow Alodine
  • Caustic Etch / Clear, Yellow & Black Anodize
  • Zinc Chromate / Clear & Yellow w/RoHS Compliance