Hopewell Precision, Inc. maintains a series of Box Trucks, Vans & smaller company vehicles. All said vehicles are maintained with service contracts with the local Ford dealership. Full servicing including constant fluid checks, tire inspection & replacement are kept up and with full documentation including a driver’s log.

All HP drivers have a series of Vehicle & Road checks that are performed and documented on a daily basis. Any and all needed repairs are completed within 2 business days or less.

Hopewell Precision, Inc. also relies heavily on outside contractors for help with its inbound and outbound freight. We use UPS, Fed-X and various LTL’s.

With the weekly trips into the City of New York Hopewell Precision, Inc. utilizes Metro North Mass Transit. 

Not just because of be “greener”, gas prices warrant any company to rethink their strategy for delivering parts. Hopewell Precision, Inc. reviews its weekly delivery schedule on a daily basis. Whenever possible we combine customer deliveries I.A.W. delivery locations. In most cases the customer allows us to change delivery dates in order to accomplish this.