Metal Disposal


The main material that Hopewell Precision, Inc. uses in its products are Aluminum, Hot & Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel & Copper.


All Copper scrap & drop is placed on a secure shelf and is sent to a local scrap dealer once a year.

Hot & Cold Rolled Steel

All punch out blanks and slugs, shear drops, press brake samples, machine chips, new engineering templates as well as any rejected materials are placed daily in an outside bin. This bin is supplied by the scrap dealer and is emptied once per month or as needed as work loads change.

Additional items that are added such as: Shipping Staples, Nails, Stripped Assembly Hardware, Steel Banding Straps from inbound freight etc.

Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Both have their own bins and follow the same process as the Steel listed above. The pick up of the bins is called in as needed as work loads change.


a.) All scrap metal services are provided by fully licensed and insured brokers.
b.) No materials at any time are placed in the standard “ house hold “ trash.
c.) As happens quite often, many people from the community stop in to get material for personnel projects. When ever possible we offer all of our scrap at no charge.
d.) We have a separate box in our Assembly dept. for employees to discard any and all soda cans. The cans are picked once a month by our local Boy Scouts of America Troop.