Building Utilities

Heat & AC

Hopewell Precision, Inc. facility runs on Oil forced hot air for heat and Electric for its Air Conditioning. Both systems receive annual servicing and maintenance I.A.W. the manufactures as well as any requirements from the servicing vendor.

We have also on many occasions over the years had the local Utilities Company, C.H.G & E. come in and do a free energy audit. For our size building and because of the nature of our business we have been told that we were in the upper 90% of manufacturing facilities. As with any outside vendor, we acted on any & all suggestions given to us to save money in this area which obviously makes one “greener”

The four furnaces we have have all been replaced within the last Five years. This, after Thirty years of continued service. Three of the four AC units have new compressors within the last Six years. Again, this, after Thirty years of service. We were told that our units had a work life of 20-22 years. Because of continual service & maintenance the units lasted Thirty plus years.

Our in house maintenance includes filter changing on all units monthly. Hopewell Precision, Inc. has 3 large circulating fans in the paint oven area which helps distribute heat to other parts of the shop floor. We also have an unwritten policy of "please dress for the weather". What that means is we don’t let the Heat & AC run all night or over the weekends just so the first person in can be comfortable. Heat during cold weather is maintained at an acceptable level.


Except for drinking and bathroom utilities Hopewell Precision, Inc. does not require water in its fabrication process. If and when we do have a leak we have a contract with a local plumber and problems are fixed post fast. 


The majority of the fixtures at Hopewell Precision, Inc. are Fluorescent. We still have a few of the old style bulbs in use that have the Mercury in them. Once they blow we have a re-cycle box just for them and when full or complete it will be returned to the local Electric Distributor. The type of bulb we now purchase is the Green labeled “Envir-O-Light” These are not recyclable and are discarded locally. Approximately Eight years ago Hopewell Precision, Inc. installed “reflector grids” in all of our light fixtures. This gave us more light but also allowed us to use only two bulbs in each fixture instead of the normal four.

Within the last Two years we have installed Gas Filled Light Fixtures in our assembly area. Again, more light, less power & longer lasting bulbs.