Hopewell Precision's completely integrated manufacturing information system employs state-of-the-art software and custom hardware. 

Our MIS Division offers this service nationwide,  both in-house and on-site, by full-time accredited engineers. We utilize CAD/CAM, AUTO- CAD 2004 with 3-D rendering, CAD KEY, Metal Soft Fabri-Win with 3-D unfold technology.

New Astro-100 II NT Series

Hopewell-Precision always strives to stay ahead of the competition by investing in our production capacity and facility. Recently we have procured the Astro-100 II NT series.

The ASTRO-100 II NT is specialised in manufacturing smaller, more complex work pieces, and is therefore the counterpart to the ASTRO-50 Y, which was designed for larger work pieces. Both bending cells are unique in their homogeneity: press brake and handling robot know-how are both unique to AMADA.

The bending cell ASTRO-100 II NT is a "stand-alone solution" and is only available as a combination of the press brake HDS-1030, the loading and unloading robot ASTRO HP-20, the bending robot ASTRO-100 II NT, and the third-party ASTRO–CAM software .

The ASTRO-100 is mounted to the lower press beam of the press brake and can be moved sideways in a linear fashion across the entire length. Complex workpieces that require several tool stations can therefore be manufactured with ease.