Manufacturing Equipment 

As with most manufactures we improve our equipment as time & monies permit. We have made tremendous changes in these areas and are presently in the middle of a major change.

Air Handling:

The majority of our equipment from hand held tools to our largest piece of equipment runs on air. Our two air compressors were both replaced in the late 90’s and are serviced by a certified outside company, Air Power House. Both compressors are serviced monthly and any and all service requirements are met and complied with. All internal piping, hoses & connectors are all maintained through our service contract to insure optimum use of power.


Hopewell Precision, Inc. has eliminated all Solvent Based Cleaning since the mid 90’s. We presently use a water soluble cleaning solution from Oakite. Its application is done thru high pressure steam and all cleaning residue as well as waste water is feed directly into a Stainless Steel Holding Tank. All said material is Non-Hazardous. As the cleaning tanks fill, we are pumped out by Earthcare Septic and all material is taken to the local municipality water treatment plant in Beacon NY. Even though the Materials are listed as Non-Hazardous , we only release this product through Earthcare Septic. All documentation is kept on file and available upon request.

Baking Process:

Hopewell Precision, Inc., as with all manufactures, requires a baking process for the Power Coating Materials to adhere to the product. Our oven system runs on Propane. The servicing of the ovens and burners are done on a monthly basis.

We have just purchased a new Oven system and will be installed the week of 12/24/07. Most manufactures have oven systems that run constantly through out their work day weather they are actually baking parts or not. It doesn’t matter what source of power you use, this is a waste. The efficiency of our new Ovens w/spotting burners will result in a 50% reduction in propane use. Hopewell Precision, Inc. had a full regiment of sales people from different Oven manufactures come in so we could properly choose which Oven set up & what kind of power source would be the most cost effective & efficient to use. Obliviously any and all decisions in this type of equipment choice will lead to being greener.

Punch Presses:

Hopewell Precision, Inc. has purchased and will be installing the week of 12/24/07 a Flexible Cell Manufacturing process to replace our present Turret Punch Presses. This system does NOT use Lazers w/gas hook ups, it does NOT use high pressure Water Jet’s, it does NOT use Plasma Cutting. What it DOES do is reduce the power use by 60%. The machine still runs on air and electric and still has a rotating Turret.

Sanding & Deburring:

Hopewell uses a variety of hand held Grinders & Orbital Buffers. They all run on air and are serviced monthly for optimum efficiency. Our Timesaving machine was replaced 3 years ago and now runs as a dry system, no fluids or waste.

Most manufactures use a wet system with a water soluble filter systems. Metal chips are them thrown out in the garbage with a large filter roll. The dry system allows us the filer through an air vent systems and into a dry filter. All metal particles are disposed of into the metal scrap bins. Filters are re-usable. All of our 3-M Timesaving belts and sanding belts are returned to a local 3-M distributor for re-cycling.

Additional Plans:

There are additional areas that Hopewell Precision, Inc. will be addressing, starting in the 1st quarter of 2008.

  1. Press Brake Department
  2. Welding Department
  3. Shipping & Receiving
  4. Assembly Department