Enclosure Dust Bags , Rack Mount Protection

Hopewell Precision Inc. has started supplying as part of its packaging a reusable 4-Mill Thick Clear Poly Bag that covers ALL size Enclosures. These bags will help keep the elements during shipping from collecting inside the enclosure. Most manufacturers ship their Enclosures with an open Top area. 

For Integrators, these bags can be re-placed over the rack after you install you're equipment and will keep things clean & dust free until you are ready to install the Rack.

For integrators dealing with New Facility Builds or Facility upgrades they know the amount of dust & dirt that covers everything within the space. Keep the bags on while moving your equipment from the Loading Dock to the Data Floor. 

Hopewell has already received praise from numerous sources for their thinking ahead ideas.........Hopewell has more unique ideas , projects and equipment coming....stay tuned.