Wall Mount Enclosure

Hopewell precision has introduced a new style Wall Mount Enclosure to the market. This unit is a much less expensive version of the Broadcast Industries fully welded BSP (Broadcast Service Panel) version. This is a light gage steel , fully spot welded assembly. The front box has 1 pair of fixed tapped rails which form the 19' Rack Mount opening. They can be ordered any RU height , any depth and any width. They have four point wall mounting holes and the rear plate is 1/8' steel for a strong hanging enclosure. The Assembly can be mounted as a left hand or right hand. The attached pics show a adjustable snap latch....the unit can be ordered with higher security latching to meet all customer needs. The front box has a full gasketed seal to ensure that there is no vibration through out the box. The attached picture shows hinging is a piano type hinge....lift off style also available................all color options are available..............call for a quote , any qty from 1 to what ever you need.