Rack Mount Enclosures for CBS

CBS Broadcasting has again called upon Hopewell Precision for a large facility build. Hopewell Precision has been supplying CBS with a large array of Metal Products since 1981. Whether it's x1 Rack Enclosure or x500..........Hopewell has stepped up to the plate and been a major component of CBS's success. Hopewell supplies all of their Raised Floor Sub-Base Structures as well........both Commercial & Seismic rated.

Hopewell will be delivering a sub-base structure assy in Mid-May 2013 for their NYC MDC Phase 2 project on West 57th street NYC. Enclosures & accessories will follow as the build continues. One area of customer service that Hopewell offers that has lead to CBS's success is the stocking of finished product for them. Hopewell does not charge storage fees and can deliver on a 2 day notice or less.

The Sub-Base assembly for this project has customized levelers at every leg extension to floor attachment point because of the existing floor. Hopewell also supplied full facility builds to CBS's other locations: CBS Philadelphia KYW , CBS Chicago WBBM , CBS Los Angels KCBS as well as Phase 1 for NYC.