Availability , 24-7-365 , Contract Manufacturing

Hopewell Precision Inc. has done it again. With the never ending quest to take customer service to the next level , Hopewell Precision has a 24-7-365 Sales line. This is not a voice mail or computer generated answering machine. The Sales department will answer your calls with a live person. If busy , you will be sent to voice mail with calls be returned within 15 minutes. This is NOT an answering service , you will speak directly to a company sales person.

The Broadcast Industry because they are 24-7-365 have found this service , when used , to be a life & money saver. Getting questions answered on a Saturday or Sunday without having to wait until Monday morning has saved many customer's time & money , especially on larger facility quotes as well as delivery questions on existing orders.

Hopewell Precision boast's...........if you have a question's on Christmas, Thanks Giving, Easter or any other major holiday, call us we will be more than happy to talk with you.