Hot/Cold Aisle Projects 

Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

From the early 90's Hopewell was on board with the need to save Power which effects your bottom line. Whether containing and directing your air flow, whether it's the Cold or Hot air or both, whether you are building a New Facility or giving your existing one a complete or partial upgrade, we can help you from the Design stage right through to installation. 

Most of our competitors web sites only show you a computer generated containment set up… why? Because designing one on paper is only the start, actually fabricating and installing one is the level that Hopewell Precision has risen to.

Below are examples of recent Hopewell Precision Hot / Cold Aisle projects. One is of the NBC California facility (Hot / Cold Aisle Containment), one is for a major communications client (Hot / Cold Aisle Containment), and one isfor a co-location facility in KY (Hot Aisle Containment). 

NBC California facility - Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

Communications client - Hot / Cold Aisle Containment

Co-location facility in KY - Hot Aisle Containment